When final box-office figures were counted up, only about $300,000 separated the take of the No. 1 film, Meet the Spartans, from the No. 2 film, Rambo, according to box-office trackers Media by Numbers. Spartans took in $18.5 million over the weekend, compared to Rambo's $18.2 million. Both films performed according to expectations, but several box-office gurus had predicted that Rambo would edge out Spartans, instead of the other way around. The Romantic comedy 27 Dresses held up well in its second week, to place third with $13.4 million, but last week's top hit, Cloverfield, suffered a monstrous setback, dropping more than 70 percent to $12.7 million. A third new release, the horror-thriller Untraceable, placed fifth with $11.3 million.