Spanish singing star ROCIO JURAGO died today (01JUN06) after a prolonged battle with cancer of the pancreas. She was 61. In an acclaimed career spanning four decades the singer became known simply as 'Spain's greatest'. She passed away at home in Madrid in the early hours of this morning (01JUN06) and has already been hailed by the country's Deputy Prime Minister MARIA TERESA FERNANDEZ DE LA VEGA, who insists Spain is mourning the loss of "a person who was so valuable, so beloved, so respected and so important for the popular culture of our country". Madrid's mayor, ALBERTO RUIZ-GALLARDON, has vowed to name a street in the city in her honour. Jurago released over 30 albums in her glittering career and also made forays into film. Her singing style mixed traditional flamenco music with folk and romantic ballads and she was celebrated both at home and by a huge fanbase in Latin America. She is survived by her husband, bullfighter JOSE ORTEGA CANO, their two adoptive children and daughter ROCIO - by her first marriage to boxer PEDRO CARRASCO.