Spanish actress Anna Allen has been exposed as a fraud after doctoring photos and posting them online to make it appear as if she attended the 2015 Oscars.

The 32 year old, who previously appeared on Spanish Tv series Cuentame como paso, recently uploaded a picture of herself in a black dress she claimed to have worn on the red carpet at Hollywood's big night and shared it with her 22,000 followers.

She even boasted about chatting with ceremony host Neil Patrick Harris.

In a post-Oscars interview with Spanish newspaper El Mundo, Allen alleged the pair spoke for "a good while", adding, "I told him I was a fan of his role in How I Met Your Mother."

However, newspaper editors became suspicious after inspecting her red carpet photo and noticing irregularities with the lighting in the shot, which they subsequently discovered had actually been taken in a studio and then superimposed onto an Oscars backdrop.

Other images Allen had previously posted on Instagram were also found to be fakes, including a snap of an invite to the 2014 Academy Awards, which she had taken from Lupita Nyong'o's account, and another which appeared to show her posing with the cast of The Big Bang Theory. She had actually used Photoshop to paste her face onto the body of actress Summer Glau.

Allen has since deactivated her social networking blogs in light of the controversy, and representatives for the star, who originally put El Mundo reporters in touch with the actress to discuss her 2015 Oscars experience, have yet to comment on the embarrassing scandal.