LATEST: Grown-up child stars ANGELA CARTWRIGHT and HEATHER MENZIES-URICH are forging ahead with their plans to release behind-the-scenes home video footage from the set of THE SOUND OF MUSIC - despite legal threats from JULIE ANDREWS' management.

Andrews' management has refused to let the actresses, who played two of the VON TRAPP children in the hit movie musical, use the veteran's image in their planned A+E project.

Andrews' aides claim she too is planning a Sound of Music documentary - and fears her former co-stars' efforts will detract from that.

But Cartwright and Menzies-Urich are urging Andrews to tell them herself - and then they'll put their film on hold, or at least re-edit it to cut out footage featuring her.

Disappointed Cartwright says, "All of our families shot home movies when we were shooting the film and they're great to see.

"We just thought how great this would be to put together a documentary of all the home movies and our experiences as the children in the movie."

A stubborn Menzies-Urich adds, "We do think we can still do this without Julie's input or approval.

"There's never really been a dialogue as to what we've been doing. We've just been blocked by the keepers of the moat. I would really like to see something coming from her."

25/04/2003 08:52