Waving what appears to be a Glock at the camera, the Crank That hitmaker makes disturbing threats to kill Nia Riley and her new man in the unnerving footage.

Souljah Boy, real name DeAndre Cortez Way, kicks off the video by growling, "Hey dude, f**k you and f**k Nia Riley," and threatens to "be outside your house, little n**ga".

The video threat, posted on Friday (19Aug16), could land the rap star in a whole lot of trouble as he is currently on probation for a weapons charge after police caught him with a loaded weapon in January, 2014, when a car he was a passenger in was pulled over after running through a stop sign in the San Fernando Valley, California.

Way claimed a neighbour left the gun under the car seat and he was unaware it was there.

Fellow rapper Skrill Dilly has been linked to reality TV star Riley, but he insisted he's not her new man in a tweet on Thursday (18Aug16).

He wrote: "Who is @NiaRiley. Never met her b4 (before) but she’s gorgeous... Me and this woman aren’t involved. #EndOfStory."

Nia fired back, insisting the New Orleans-based rap star knows exactly who she is, adding: "You BEEN following me! Don’t be lame."