SOULJA BOY has hit back at claims his song SWAG plagiarises a track by the OHIO BOYZ, insisting he has no idea who they are. The Crank That (Soulja Boy) hitmaker is accused of copying the song after hearing it on the little-known group's MySpace page. The Ohio Boyz tell, "He had basically tweaked the beat and had the exact hook on (his version). We've had the song on our page for months." But the 17-year-old rapper - real name DeAndre Ramone Way - is adamant his latest work is a Soulja Boy original. Writing on his own page on the social networking site MySpace, he responds: "I never heard of ya'll n**gers in my life, or your 'Swag' song. "I swear to God I never even heard that s**t on ya'll page. Kill that noise."