JOCELYN BROWN is heading to court in a bid to recoup the millions the singer alleges she's owed for the use of her vocals in German group SNAP!'s hit track THE POWER.
A clip from Brown's 1985 song Love's Gonna Get You was used for the hook of Snap!'s iconic 1990 hit, which has since been heard in more than 500 films and commercials.
The singer maintains she was never paid for the sample, although she claims she is entitled to 50 per cent of the anthem's global earnings.
Now she's teaming up with Warner Brothers music to sue the German music firm that licensed the music to Snap! for her royalties.
Brown explains, "They started saying they had re-recorded the vocal with another singer - which was insulting. Don't you think I know my own voice?
"I used to feel depressed that they had stolen my voice. Now I've decided to fight."