Former SOPRANOS actor Lillo Brancato Jr. should be cleared of the murder of a New York cop because he wasn't carrying a gun when the officer was shot, according to the troubled star's father.
Speaking after a court hearing on Friday (07Nov08), when Brancato Jr's trial was set for 17 November (08), Lillo Brancato Sr protested his son's innocence of the first degree murder charge he faces.
The 32-year-old actor is accused of killing off-duty cop Daniel Enchautegui when he disturbed Brancato Jr and accomplice Steven Armento breaking into a neighbour's New York home in December 2005.
Armento, who fired the shot that killed the officer, was convicted of murder on 30 October (08).
Brancato Jr faces a similar fate, despite maintaining he wasn't carrying a gun that night. And his father insists the actor has "never touched a gun in his life".
Brancato Sr, 61, tells the New York Daily News, "I support him 100 per cent. My son had no gun in his hand and he got shot (twice by Enchautegui)."
The actor - who also played Robert De Niro's son in movie A Bronx Tale - faces life in prison, without parole, if convicted.