THE SOPRANOS star FEDERICO CASTELLUCCIO has hit out at the show's creator DAVID CHASE, after he was dropped from the series. Castelluccio claims he was promised his character FURIO GIUNTA would return for the sixth season of the show. The Italian-born actor says, "They promised me I would be coming back this season, but it never happened... People tell me how much they enjoyed my character, but (Chase) just tossed me aside without any mention or follow-up as to what happened to me. "It's just not right. The fans have a right to know." Castelluccio accuses Chase of arrogantly ignoring the wishes of Sopranos fans and ruining the multi-award-winning show. He adds, "(He is) very arrogant... (Chase) couldn't care less about the fans or if the show is well-written. He just throws anything out there and thinks we'll watch because we're addicted... I'm very disappointed just like everyone else."