Australian singer EMMA SOPHINA has penned a new tune after escaping the miraculous New York City plane which crash-landed in the Hudson River. The 26-year-old - real name Emma Cowen - has praised pilot Captain Chelsey B. Sullenberger, whose quick thinking helped save the lives of all 155 passengers and crew on board US Airways Flight 1549 on 15 January (09).
And she's put her thanks to music with the help of Grammy-winning producers Tony Black and Mark Swersky.
Sophina tells the New York Daily News, "It's definitely a thank you for the pilots. The song is called Send Another Prayer.
"I was praying, everybody was praying around me. Whether they were confessing their sins or just praying, everybody was just doing it.
"They've given me the gift of life. They've let me go on to pursue my dreams. The song is about the fact that I have new life again. A fresh new life."
Investigators confirmed last week (beg19Jan09) Sullenberger was forced to land after a collision with a flock of geese upon departure from New York's LaGuardia airport en route to Charlotte, North Carolina.