Sony has indicated that it intends to use its movie library to push sales of its Bravia high-definition, flat-screen TV sets equipped with the Internet Video Link module. In an interview with the Los Angeles Times, Sony Electronics U.S./Mexico President Stan Glasgow, said, "The module costs $299, but all of the content is free. We have thousands of pieces of free content, and we will continue to add more. ... This fall, we'll also stream Hancock to Bravia owners with the Internet Video Link prior to the actual DVD release. That'll be a first. The movie is going directly from our studio to the consumer." Glasgow said that the ability of Sony sets to stream content directly from the Internet will enable it to differentiate itself from its rivals. Nevertheless, he added, he is not expecting the sets to cannibalize sales of Blu-ray players, which Sony also pioneered. "People like collecting their movies. They like owning them," he said. "While some people are comfortable downloading content, there are a lot more people who are comfortable with prepackaged media."