Amid reports that pirates in China are using a high-definition format built into many new camcorders to produce bootleg discs, Sony Pictures said Tuesday that it will become the first Hollywood studio to release its films on Blu-ray discs in that country. The company's consumer electronics division also plans to begin distributing on Blu-ray player there. The studio does not intend to compete with the pirates on price, however; the Blu-ray releases will cost about $30 each. While the Blu-ray format provides better definition than the pirates' Advanced Video Codec High Definition (AVCHD) format, AVCHD is considered a step up from the quality of conventional DVDs. Moreover, discs recorded in the format can be played on Blu-ray players (and the pirates even disguise the discs by using copies of Blu-ray's blue plastic boxes and employ the Blu-ray holograms.