Music industry titans Sony Music and EMI are set for a courtroom battle over a high-flying music executive.
Bosses at Sony Music Entertainment have filed suit against rival company EMI Music after an EMI executive broke his alleged promise to swap sides and join Sony on a $4.5 million (£3 million) contract.
According to Sony, EMI president of music services Ron Werre agreed to join the firm once his EMI contract came to an end in 2010.
However, EMI chiefs recently revealed they had promoted Werre to chief operating officer of North American business.
Sony subsequently filed the lawsuit.
In court papers filed at the Supreme Court of New York, lawyers for Sony claim, "Werre never intended to fulfil his contractual obligations to Sony Music, but was merely using his contract with Sony Music as a stalking horse to solicit a more lucrative contract from EMI with enhanced job responsibilities."
The documents also claim EMI bosses were aware Werre had been offered the new contract, alleging they contacted Sony CEO Rolf Schmidt-Holtz in a bid for the move to be cancelled.
The record label also targets Werre personally in the suit.