Sony Electronics President and COO Stan Glasgow says that the victory of his company's Blu-ray format over Toshiba's HD DVD represents barely a first step toward convincing consumers to upgrade to high-definition video players. At a New York press briefing repor ted in today's (Thursday) online edition of Broadcasting & Cable, Glasgow acknowledged that many consumers recognize that their standard DVDs look a lot better on HDTV sets than they did on their old analog sets. The real challenge, he said, will be convincing them that the additional resolution of Blu-ray is worth the hundreds of dollars they will have to spend on a new player and the significantly higher prices for movies released on Blu-ray discs. "The battle really begins now," Glasgow said. Meanwhile, the website High-Def Disc News reported Wednesday that Circuit City is offering to let customers who bought HD DVD players within the past 90 days trade them in and apply the original price toward a Blu-ray player. The deal applies only to the players, not to movies released in the HD DVD format.