Because of heightened security concerns, American television reporters may be experiencing more difficulty than ever in covering the hostilities in Iraq, but pictures of the mayhem taken both by American soldiers and Iraqi insurgents are turning up on such websites as, MySpace, and Ogrish. Citing a soldier who served in Iraq in 2005, the BBC reported Wednesday that the Pentagon, using civilian contractors, is closely monitoring the online videos, which, it said, now number in the hundreds of thousands. One military public affairs officer in Iraq told the BBC, "There's continuing concern about the use of these videos and stills being used by our enemies to propagate the false notion that our military members are barbaric, warmongers -- which is unequivocally not the case. And... many of these videos and photos can harm force protection and operational security measures." Hayden Hewitt, co-owner of, commented that the main reason why soldiers have posted video clips to his site is that "they just want people to know what they have been through."