Sofia Richie has described her style as ''punky'' but ''put together''.

The 18-year-old model - who is the daughter of 'Hello' hitmaker Lionel Richie and his ex-wife Diana - has admitted her fashion sense is a mixture between gothic rock and sophisticated glamour, which she has claimed is due to her inner ''rebel''.

Speaking about her style preferences to, the blonde beauty said: ''I'd say I'm a little punky yet a bit put-together all at the same time. It's the rebel in me.''

Sofia - who is the new face of the denim brand DL1961 - has admitted she loves the variety of jeans the fashion house have designed, especially the high-rise Goldie fit because they are unique and ''really comfortable''.

Speaking about the creations, she said: ''I haven't come across any like it and they're really comfortable.''

The catwalk icon - who has recently modelled in Chanel's annual Métiers d'Art show, which took place in Paris, France, last month - has admitted she loves being social media savvy because she wants to inspire people to be more creative with their outfit choices.

Speaking about her uploads, she said: ''I enjoy posting what I like, obviously, and getting positive feedback is always great. I love how sometimes that leads to helping someone who was stuck creatively with an outfit choice.''

However, Sofia doesn't receive fashion tips from her half-sister Nicole Richie - who was legally adopted by Lionel when she was nine years old - because the 35-year-old fashion designer believes they have ''different styles''.

Speaking previously, the former 'The Simple Life' star said: ''I'm very particular about my clothes. We have different styles.

''I don't know if I've given her any [style advice].''