Sofia Richie can ''never get away'' from being known as Lionel Richie's daughter.

The 20-year-old model is finding her own way in the showbiz world, but says she finds it difficult to get people to treat her as her own person, because they're always busy comparing her to her father and music legend Lionel.

Sofia says she's interested in kickstarting a music career of her own, but is worried about the ''pressure'' that will be placed on her to match up to the iconic talent of the 'Hello' hitmaker.

Speaking to the Sydney Morning Herald newspaper, she said: ''My dad had me in singing lessons from a really young age and I've played piano with my dad growing up, so I have that part of me.

''But it's a lot of pressure, my dad is a really respected soul singer and I feel like that is a lot of responsibility. To take it on, I'd have to do it 100 per cent and I'm not ready to do that.

''I don't want people to think I am trying to burn down my dad's hard work ... I have to try and find my own way ... But I can also never get away from the fact my dad is Lionel Richie either.''

Meanwhile, 68-year-old Lionel recently credited Sofia - along with his adopted daughter Nicole Richie, and son Miles Brockman - with helping him to cope with the ''massive depression'' he faced after the passing of his own father in 1990.

He said: ''My father was ill and I went through a very, I won't say a depression, a massive depression ... my dad was my hero. I went through that whole period of my life.

''It was something about the birth of my kid. Miles came along, Nicole was already there, I realized I had a group of people looking up to me to be the head of the house. They didn't know what the hell I did for a living so I thought at that particular point, let's go back and prove to the kids what I do. I realized, this is what I should be doing.''