U.S. soap star NATASHA ALAM was left stunned after discovering she was a real-life princess. The Uzbekistan-born star of hit daytime show The Bold and The Beautiful learned her ex-husband Amir Ebrahim Pahlavi Alam has a direct link to Persian royalty years after they wed in 1998. The actress reveals she was unaware that her grandfather-in-law was the Shah of Iran when she married. She has since rejected a life of aristocracy after divorcing Alam in 2004. She tells Maxim magazine, "My ex-husband's family members were royalty in Iran, and they fled during the revolution. They didn't speak about it much. "We got married, and I started getting all these party invitations from the royal family of Great Britain. And I found out that I am a princess. "I couldn't believe it. But I found the good life ridiculous, unless you use it to help other people."