British soap actress NICOLA COWPER has been caught up in a real-life murder case - after her boyfriend appeared in a London court accused of killing a 33-year-old man. Tony MCCann, the boyfriend of the EastEnders actress, has been accused of stabbing a man to death in a fight before fleeing to the home of his girlfriend's parents, soaked in the blood of his alleged victim, a London court heard on Wednesday (02Apr08). The Old Bailey court was told Cowper was staying with her parents at the time. He arrived at the home "covered in blood" and "extremely anxious". Cowper then allegedly gave MCCann some money and drove him to a friend's house, it is alleged. When the 40-year-old returned, the police were waiting for her. Dennis said, "He telephoned her twice from a golf course while the police were at her home, but she did not let on that the defendant was on the line." Cowper is due to give evidence on Thursday (03Apr08). MCCann denies murder.