American soap star TRACY MELCHIOR is set to shock fans of hit show THE BOLD + THE BEAUTIFUL by revealing all about her hellish upbringing in a new autobiography.

The 32-year-old actress tells all about her childhood sex sessions and her teenage abortion in raw tome BREAKING THE PERFECT 10.

But it's her rape encounter at aged 12 - at the hands of a neighbour - that is sure to shock her fans the most.

In an exclusive preview on US news show The Insider, Melchior reveals, "I was sitting alone watching TV and he came into the room and forced me and molested me... I still have a scar from it."

The actress admits the encounter turned her into a promiscuous teenager, who lost her virginity when she was 14 and discovered she was pregnant at 18.

She had an abortion and almost lost her life: "I didn't get the course of anti-biotics that I needed and I got a very bad infection, I started having very bad abdominal pain. I was miserable and I thought it was just from the abortion."

And the heartbreak didn't end there - Melchoir's memoir also features details of her attempted suicide at 26 as she was facing a tough divorce.

She adds, "I popped codeine pills, I drank tequila, I drank beer."

Melchoir credits her son KYLE and her newfound faith in God for helping her beat her demons.