SO SOLID CREW star KAISH is outraged with the British justice system - which saw him wrongly imprisoned for possession of a gun, ammunition and drugs in December (02).

Kaish, real name SHANE NEIL, was released without charge in April (03), having been in jail for four months, and is furious at the miscarriage of justice - because he believes the Judge only sent him to prison because he was part of the London hip-hop collective.

He rages, "I really feel that I was judged by being a member of So Solid, if I wasn't a member I would have been given bail, I'm not even sure that I would have been charged in the first place.

"If I was just someone off the street they would have been laughed out of court with the evidence they had."

The THEY DON'T KNOW hitmaker has also slammed the way the police handled his family at the time of his arrest, and is hopeful he will have a case to take action against them.

Kaish continues, "Just after I was arrested the police raided my family home. There were 20 of them with guns and dogs. Even though they didn't find anything, they made my grandma lie on the floor while they searched the whole house, and she's a very frail woman. My family didn't even know that I'd been arrested.

"All the things that have happened have made me really angry about the whole experience. I'm talking to my solicitors about what action I can take about it, I can't say much more than that at the moment, but this is definitely not over, no way."

30/06/2003 17:29