SO SOLID CREW star SHANE NEIL was "s*** scared" during his hellish prison ordeal, and lived in fear for his own life.

Neil, 24, was on top of the world as an MC with the tough London garage collective - until he found himself locked up in the notoriously tough Brixton and Pentonville prisons on gun and drug charges.

Neil, also known as KAISH, was cleared and released after four months - but the shocking things he witnesses inside will stay with him forever.

He shudders, "I saw people getting boiling water thrown in their faces. I saw two people hang themselves. I heard of a lot more.

"After the first night inside, I felt s*** scared. They would put you in a cell with anyone - a murdered, rapist, paedophile. Any cell you went to, you would wonder what that man was in for.

"I'd worry that when I was sleeping my cellmate would try to strangle me or beat me up. You can't sleep because you don't know what's going to happen. If your bed moved slightly in the night, you'd jump up in case they were attacking you. You sleep in fear."

And to make matters worse, Shane's musical fame singled him out as a target for convict thugs.

He adds, "I'd get in a cell sometimes and they'd say they'd seen my face on the TV. I'd just lie and say it was my brother. I got a lot of people saying they were going to do this to me or do that to me."

12/06/2003 21:06