SO SOLID CREW MC KAISH's musical career is in tatters after a four month spell in prison.

Gun and drug charges against the 24-year-old - real name SHANE NEIL - were eventually dropped, but he fears the stigma of being an ex-prisoner has irrevocably damaged his future, both as a solo artist and with the controversial chart-topping UK garage collective.

He fumes, "My career is ruined. When I went down I missed out on shows, I was doing the album, I had lined up tracks for other people's albums. I was seeing a lot of money come in. I lost a record deal worth at least $450,000 (GBP300,000).

"Now I will be labelled my whole career. Even when I get back on my feet, there will still be people out there that think I'm this bad person.

"I was innocent. I should never have been arrested. I just want to get on with my life."

12/06/2003 17:35