SNOOP DOGG stormed off stage in England on Saturday (12FEB05) and refused to return after he was struck on the side of the head by a plastic bottle thrown by a member of the audience.

The crowd at the controversial rapper's sell-out show in Nottingham were left in shock and Snoop's bodyguards barged into the arena to hunt down the culprits.

An onlooker says, "The crowd was really psyched up and a couple of fans thought it would be funny to chuck plastic bottles. Snoop was just getting into his track WHAT'S MY NAME? and the place was going mental.

"Suddenly the music stopped and Snoop was looking really angry and freaked out (after being hit by the bottle). The band stopped and Snoop stormed off as he shouted, 'That's the end of the show.'

"The crowd were really disappointed and annoyed that some idiots had ruined what should have been the highlight of the show. He did over-react, though, it was only a bit of plastic... His guys are huge and they just dived into the crowd to try and find the person who'd thrown the bottle - but they had no luck."

A spokesperson for Snoop says, "Snoop was hit on the side of the face with a bottle during that last track so he told the crowd the show was over. He was upset that this person had spoiled the show for everyone else."

15/02/2005 13:48