BLADE actor Wesley Snipes has lambasted tax officers for demanding $23,000 (GBP12,100) in owed monies from him, insisting they should be pursuing his brother.

The Hollywood star lost one estate in 2003 through a foreclosure sale and now he has another property at risk near Orlando, Florida, according to US news show CELEBRITY JUSTICE.

Officials claim Snipes owes back taxes, interest and fines on the house. The property, assessed at $257,843 (GBP135,700), is scheduled to be auctioned off in June (05).

However, Snipes has appealed to tax workers to turn their attention to his brother - because he's the one who purchased the house.

He says, "My brother, my uncle and my father (and I) all have Wesley Snipes in our names."

But any hope Snipes has of escaping the fines has been dashed by the official records which show the house is registered to WESLEY TRENT SNIPES, who was born on 31 July 1962 - the actor's birthday.

26/04/2005 13:59