Famed celebrity snapper Peter Beard is facing a lawsuit from model Natalie White over claims he broke a promise to give her 50 signed photos from a shoot.

Beard, who has shot classic pictures of rock icons including The Rolling Stones and David Bowie, is being sued over allegations he failed to hand over the images, which have a potential value of millions of dollars.

White claims he vowed to give her 50 signed photos from two shoots but he only handed over 16 before suffering a stroke in November (13), and she blames the lensman's wife for withholding the remaining images.

She is adamant she agreed the deal with Beard as recompense for organising models for the shoot, and had spent more than $100,000 (£58,800) of her savings on expenses, according to the New York Daily News.

Among the beauties who took part were Helena Christensen, Chanel Iman, and Pamela Anderson.