WILL SMITH sought psychological help to help him get into the mind of his new movie character in I, ROBOT - and the counselling sessions helped him realise he had to get naked.

The MEN IN BLACK star appears nude in a shower scene in the new film, which shot to top of the American box office on Sunday (18JUL04), and he insists the flesh flash was absolutely necessary.

He explains, "My character suffers from a psychological condition called survivor's guilt - someone has experienced an accident and you have survivor's guilt.

"I sent the script to a group of psychologists and asked them to tell me what this character's behaviour would be like, and they said paranoia was one of the things.

"So, in the shower scene, my character leaves the shower door open, no curtain, with the gun hanging out and the psychologists said he would never be able to wash his hair because he wouldn't close his eyes in the shower."

20/07/2004 02:33