British reggae singer Smiley Culture died after stabbing himself in the heart, an inquiry has heard.
The star, real name David Emmanuel, was 48 when he passed away during a police raid on his home in Surrey, England last month (Mar11).
An inquiry into the incident has reportedly heard how the musician plunged a knife into his own heart in the kitchen while a police officer looked on in horror.
Emmanuel was said to have committed suicide 90 minutes after four detectives arrested him on a warrant relating to drug charges.
A source told British newspaper The Sun, "The officer said he was monitoring Mr Emmanuel who picked up a knife, waved it in his direction and said, 'Do you want some?'
"A split second later Mr Emmanuel turned the blade towards himself, said 'I do' and stabbed himself in the chest."
His nephew Merlin Emmanuel has blasted police for allegedly failing to handcuff the star.
He says, "It beggars belief they let him near sharp utensils."