SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE child star AZHARUDDIN ISMAIL has moved into his new home, two months after he was left to live on the streets of Mumbai, India following the demolition of his old house.
The 10-year-old actor, who was plucked from impoverished obscurity for his movie debut, was tossed out on the streets with his family in May (09) when their shanty town residence was deemed illegal and torn down by local authorities.
Slumdog Millionaire director Danny Boyle came to his rescue by purchasing a brand new apartment in a Mumbai suburb for $42,000 (£28,000) through the Jai Ho Trust, a fund the filmmaker and the movie's producers set up to help care for the youngster and his co-star Rubina Ali.
Ismail has now moved into the modern apartment complex and he's delighted with his new home - but admits he has mixed feelings about leaving his old place behind.
He says, "I like it here, it is really nice. But I will miss my old friends... Maybe I will go and visit them once in a while."