The Indian child stars of Oscar-nominated movie SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE have been denied the chance to travel to the glitzy Academy Awards ceremony in Los Angeles - after their parents refused them permission.
The film's bosses had decided against bringing Rubin Ali and Azharuddin Ismail, both eight, to all of the numerous Hollywood awards ceremonies. Yet they offered both the chance to attend the prestigious Oscars event next Sunday (22Feb08) as a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.
However, the children's parents have refused to travel - or to let the young stars leave with chaperones - according to producer Christian Colson.
He says, "The last thing they said to us was give us the money for the plane fares instead."
Ali and Ismail were paid $725 (£500) and $2,465 (£1,700) respectively for their cameos as Latika and Salim in the Mumbai, India-based film's early scenes - three times the average local annual adult salary.
Both were also enrolled in schools for the first time, and movie bosses established a fund for their future welfare.