The remaining members of SLUM VILLAGE have vowed to hand the proceeds of their forthcoming album to the families of late group founders BAATIN and J DILLA.
Baatin, real name Titus Glover, was found dead in mysterious circumstances last week (01Aug09), while former bandmate J Dilla passed away in 2006 after suffering a cardiac arrest.
Slum Village's current members - T3, Elzhi and Illa J - have promised to honour Baatin's memory by handing the profits from Villa Manifesto, due for release next month (Sep09), to his devastated mother.
Barak Records' founder RJ Rice tells, "We are going to hire an independent CPA (certified public accountant) to track the sales of Villa Manifesto so that money can get to Baatin's family and the appropriate parties."
And the group has vowed to do the same for the mother of J Dilla, real name James Yancey.
Rice adds, "Mrs Maureen Yancey raised all three of the group members. Jay Dee was an instrumental figure and founder of Slum Village. We don't want to see Mrs Yancey struggling, so we are going to do the same for her.
"She is having real tough times right now. And we are going to try and develop some investments so that these woman can have some residual income, so we don't have to go down this path again.
"I know that this would be a relief on those two of the founding members that were part of Slum to at least know something is going to happen. Who would want to see their mothers in need?"