Masked heavy rockers SLIPKNOT spent two months working on band relationships before they started recording their new album VOL 3 - making sure that splitting up wasn't a better option.

The cult nine-piece felt sure that 2001's IOWA would be their final album and they'd never play together again after agreeing to take a break from each other last year (03).

But, as solo careers and side projects took off, the group members began to miss each other, and decided to spend two months in self-help therapy in a bid to keep working together.

Singer COREY TAYLOR says, "The first thing we did was make sure we all wanted to be back in the same room together.

"We spent a couple of months out in LA not just exploring music but exploring our relationships with each other.

"We were saying things like, 'Look, I love you to death. There are some things I f***ing hate about you, but I will lay down in traffic for you.'

"We got rid of a lot of dark elements, the stressful elements that were around us... there was a lot of stuff going on around this band that was pushing us at each other, pulling us away individually, and feeding our heads full of bulls**t.

"We're a f***ing brutal band - we're nine f***in' serious individuals with some serious s**t to work out."

11/05/2004 21:11