The veteran rockers made their live comeback in 2013 after original members Paul Westerberg and Tommy Stinson reunited the previous year (12) to record an EP to raise funds for their stricken former guitarist.

Now Westerberg has revealed Dunlap's condition has deteriorated and he can no longer move or eat, and speaks only in a whisper.

Westerberg tells Uncut magazine, "Slim's doing poorly. He can't move, he can't speak. He hasn't eaten for three years, so he's hooked up to tubes. I walk the dog over and visit him every couple of weeks, and I get a smile out of him, and a little whisper, and I put my ear to his lips.

"You think you have it bad, and then you go and see him and you go, 'All of my troubles are insignificant.' That's part of the reason we got together. Not so much the making money, but for the reason that we could - we can stand, and we can play. Whether we're good or not is irrelevant."