Sleeping With Sirens will return to their ''fast punk rock'' sound on their next record.

Kellin Quinn and co have experimented over the years, but after last year's power pop record 'Gossip', they've decided to head back to their heavy rock roots.

Guitarist Jack Fowler exclusively told BANG Showbiz: ''I feel like we're a band that will always do something different.

''If you listen to our first record we're a breakdown emo band, the second record we started going more pop punk, the third was more rock, then 'Madness' was a back step, 'Gossip' is a complete departure and our next record is going to be more rock again.''

Bassist Justin Hills added: '''Gossip' was more of a mid-tempo record, which we didn't really have in our catalogue before, so now that we have that we're ready to go back to the fast punk rock stuff again.''

Justin says having a variety of sounds in their arsenal allows the 'Legends' hitmakers - who have opened for the likes of pop punk legends Good Charlotte and heavy rock band Rise Against - to support and tour with a wide range of bands.

He said: ''We have all of these songs that could fit in whatever set we need to play and our wide catalogue means we could tour with a whole lot of different bands.

''So we always think about what we could write next so we have some fresh material that we can switch out some of the set with.''