The woman accused of harassing former GUNS N' ROSES bandmates Slash and STEVEN ADLER has allegedly found a way of contacting the stars from jail - writing notes on letters to their lawyers.
Lisa Jill Martin-Cahn was arrested on Monday (10Aug09) in Oregon for allegedly violating a restraining order which keeps her away from the two rockers.
Adler's legal team claim Martin-Cahn hired a number of private investigators last year (08) to track down the percussionist, pretending she met him during a stint in rehab in the early 1990s and became his lover.
In her attempt to get close to Adler, the overzealous fan is accused of harassing his old pal Slash and the legendary guitarist's family with phone calls and letters.
She has been held behind bars at the Washington County jail since her arrest - but has still been attempting to get close to Adler by scribbling notes on the back of legal documents sent to his attorney Eric Greenspan, reports
The website claims the notes ask Adler's private investigator, David Mancini, to "come and get me. I'm scared and sick. I can't do this on my own and I'm really, really, really, really, really, really scared!"