A new British satellite channel is being launched to celebrate the world's most appalling movies.

BAD MOVIES viewers will be able to watch a constant stream of screen shockers from the end of May (05), starting with 1950's box office disaster PLAN 9 FROM OUTER SPACE.

Director ASHLEY FAULL tells British movie magazine HOTDOG, "We feel we've hit on a very interesting niche.

"People have been asking me if it's a case of 'so bad so good', but it's not. Some of them just are really bad films."

The channel, which will be available to SKY DIGITAL subscribers, has captured the media's interest - and the flops are flooding in.

Faull adds, "Once the trade press started to come out we actually had some companies approach us and say we've got some really s**ty films that belong on this channel."

20/04/2005 13:49