A Florida honey-based skincare company has filed suit against the studios behind new animated film BEE MOVIE - for stealing their slogan. Bosses at BeeCeuticals LLC are all a buzz over Dreamworks SKG and Paramount Pictures' use of the slogan `Give Bees A Chance', which appears on posters for the new Jerry Seinfeld film. They claim the slogan is trademarked by them, and the use of it without proper permission is an infringement. BeeCeuticals owner Richie Gerber, who is DJ Howard Stern's cousin, says he applied for a federal trademark on the slogan at the beginning of 2006 and his company has been using it to promote products for over 14 months. He says, "Give Bees A Chance is my property, I own it." Gerber claims officials at the studios approached him at the beginning of 2007 with a co-promotion idea but he heard nothing else.