Controversial reggae artist SIZZLA is refusing to apologise for his homophobic lyrics that led to the cancellation of a British tour.

Sizzla is one of eight artists whose songs are being examined by UK police officers, after gay rights campaigners complained about anti-homosexual music.

But the singer remains unrepentant. He says, "They can't ask me to apologise. They've got to apologise to God because they break God's law.

"We don't go there (Britain) to hurt people.

"Why must I apologise to corruption? How can I do that?"

And, despite his lyrics appearing to advocate violence against gay men, Sizzla denies he is a danger.

He adds, "I sing 'fire burn for homosexuals' and sometime in some street I walk, I see them and me no touch them.

"If I don't like what you're doing I don't come there, if you don't like what I'm doing or what I say you don't come where I'm at.

"Everyone's entitled to life, freedom of security and person."

25/11/2004 13:40