Sir Rod Stewart used to have women ''throwing themselves'' at him.

The 'Da Ya Think I'm Sexy?' hitmaker says his and his Faces bandmate Ronnie Wood always attracted a lot of female attention and he loved to ''show off'' in front of the girls.

He said: ''Women literally used to throw themselves at us. It really was, 'Oh not again tonight, Ronnie.' It has changed. I can only speak from my perspective, but as a rock and roll singer, I used to show off with the girls.''

And Rod insists he had always been the gentleman.

He added: ''I would never touch a girl unless she wanted me to. Things have changed. You could get away with a bit more in those days than you can now and things have changed for the good.''

The 73-year-old singer looks back on his younger years with ''admiration''.

Asked what advice he would give himself at 19-years-old in a Q&A session at the British Film Institute, he said: ''I think he did everything right. I think I was very respectful of the audience. There were never any tantrums. What would I teach myself? F*** all. I admire myself. I had a bit of spunk about me. I love that.''

Rod previously praised his dad Bob for his amazing ''work ethic'' and great advice.

Speaking about his childhood, he shared: ''My dad was a hero to me because of his work ethic. He was a very proud Scotsman, too, although he only spent the first 18 years of his life up in Scotland.

''He had to move down south to find work after a brief spell in the merchant navy. He gave me a lot of advice over the years that's stood me in good stead. When he was getting into his late eighties, he said, 'The one thing I didn't want to do was find myself pushing myself out of me chair.'''