Susan Boyle's hospitalization following her defeat by a dance group on Britain's Got Talent was attributed to "exhaustion" by producers of the show Monday. TalkbackThames issued a statement saying that the 48-year-old singer had decided to "take a few days [off] for rest and recovery" at a London clinic. The London Sun said that she appeared delirious when she arrived there. It quoted a source as saying, "It was incredibly distressing. She was talking to herself, then went quiet." Meanwhile, published reports said that the season finale of Britain's Got Talent averaged 15 million viewers, peaking at 19.2 million. It was the most-watched show in the U.K. since 18.2 million tuned in to the Euro 2004 soccer tournament. (Videos of Boyle's final performance on BGT and the winning act by dance group diversity have so far been viewed worldwide nearly 30 million times on YouTube.)