Singer/songwriter TIM JONES is suing hotel chain Marriott after he was arrested and jailed for trespassing in his own hotel room.
The Truth & Salvage Co. star claims he was shaken awake and ripped from his bed by hotel security and local police while sleeping at the Marriott Hotel in Visalia, California, where he was a registered guest.
Jones was then handcuffed, assaulted, taken to jail and cited for trespassing and resisting arrest in the bizarre February (10) incident.
He spent the night in a jail cell and was released at noon the following day.
Jones tells WENN, "I kept telling them that I was a registered guest but they acted as if they couldn't hear a word I was saying."
The incident still hasn't been fully explained to the bemused singer, but the local District Attorney's officials have yet to file any charges against Jones and Visalia Police have refused to release the police incident report to his lawyers, according to the band's management.
A spokesman says, "Tim did not have any outstanding warrants; he wasn't suspected of, nor accused of, any crime prior to being violated by Marriott Security staff and the Visalia Police. He later received medical treatment for injuries sustained during the arrest."