Veteran R+B singer ZOLA TAYLOR has died after complications brought on by pneumonia. She was 69. The first female singer of The Platters, Taylor had been left bedridden by several strokes. She passed away on Monday (30Apr07) at Parkview Communication Hospital in Riverside, California. Taylor joined The Platters in 1955, after founding member Herb Platter watched her perform with another group and asked her to join his band. She went on to sing on Platters hits including The Great Pretender, before leaving the group in the early '60s. Actress Halle Berry portrayed Taylor in the 1998 film Why Do Fools Fall In Love?, about three women - including Taylor - who claimed to be the widow of singer Frankie Lyman. Taylor wed twice. Her second husband died in 1982. She had no children but is survived by nieces and nephews.