Singer Vonda Shepherd is calling on fans to donate to her campaign in a bid to fund her new album.

The Searchin' My Soul singer has been out of the spotlight since recording the 1997 theme song for hit Tv series Ally MCBeal, which starred Calista Flockheart as the title character, but she is now ready to release new music and is turning to the public for help.

She tells, "After a long time of just hanging back, and still playing shows, and recording and writing, I decided to just dive in and try (Kickstarter). So far, it's going really well."

Shepherd reveals a former Ally MCBeal star has contributed to the campaign, but she refuses to name names.

She continues, "A couple of people have just been so, so supportive... I'm still friendly with a few of the people in the cast."

Shepherd is hoping to raise $35,000 (£21,875) by 15 January (15) to cover the costs of her new project.