Australian singer Carol Lloyd has been diagnosed with a terminal lung disease.

The veteran star, who shot to fame in the 1970s fronting rock group Railroad Gin, was diagnosed with interstitial pulmonary fibrosis in April last year (13), and has since been undergoing treatment to extend her life.

Lloyd has been undergoing rounds of chemotherapy, steroids and antibiotics, but has refused to let the illness stop her singing and she continues to perform gigs.

In an interview with Australian radio station 612 ABC Brisbane, she says, "They're saying months not years and I'm saying 'Hey this is the fight of my life and I'm not going to lose it'... It hasn't got me to the point where I just can't sing anymore."

Lloyd has also taken up swimming to help her lung function and she hopes to live until at least the end of the year, adding, "My part of the deal is that I must swim as often as possible because that keeps my lungs moving and supports the treatment. That seems to be working... and the deterioration is not as bad a rate as it was before... I always said swimming helps me sing and singing helps me swim, because they're very complimentary. I'm hoping that I can still be swimming and singing towards the end of 2014, and maybe a little more."