O.J. SIMPSON has pleaded not guilty to charges of kidnapping and armed robbery in relation to a sports memorabilia heist in Las Vegas in September (07). The former American football star and his two accomplices, Clarence Stewart and Charles Ehrlich, pleaded their innocence at the start of their criminal trial at a U.S. court on Wednesday (28Nov07). The Naked Gun star is alleged to have stormed into collector Alfred Beardsley's hotel suite at the Palace Station in Las Vegas along with five associates, and removed memorabilia items Simpson maintains were stolen from a storage facility. Three other co-defendants agreed to testify against Simpson as part of a plea agreement; Stewart, Ehrlich and the retired sports star all face life imprisonment if found guilty. Beardsley and an associate claim guns were pulled during the stand-off, but the collector told the preliminary hearing earlier this month (Nov07) that Simpson wasn't one of the men brandishing a weapon. Simpson was famously acquitted of criminal charges for the 1994 murders of Ron Goldman and ex-wife Nicole Brown.