On Friday, the very day that O.J. Simpson was sentenced to 15 years in prison for burglary and kidnapping, the Los Angeles-based Xtreme Entertainment Group announced that it is distributing "the new, exclusive, action-packed, controversial and totally uncensored DVD, Juiced, " starring Simpson. In it, the company's press released stated Simpson performs "jaw-dropping hidden-camera stunts and outrageous practical jokes ... on unsuspecting real-life people all across America." Providing a preview of the DVD, the release says "Witness O.J. Simpson caught 'cheating' with another man's fiancee in a seedy motel before a confrontation ensues, resulting in a heart- pounding domestic disturbance that will leave you breathless! ... O.J. even stars in 'Pimp Juice' as a 'gangsta' rapper holding ruthless auditions for his new hit song 'Get Juiced' at a sex-crazed strip club." The company has posted preview scenes at www.GetJuiced.com.