A man accused of shooting at the compound of SIEGFRIED FISCHBACHER and ROY HORN wanted to "warn the world" of the threat posed by the illusionists, according to a psychiatric report.

The evaluation was performed by psychiatrist NORTON ROITMAN after former professional football player COLE FORD was charged with firing several shotgun blasts at the Las Vegas, Nevada, home of the veteran entertainers.

Ford, 32, has been ruled incompetent to stand trial and sent to a mental health facility for treatment.

Ford maintained he never intended to harm anyone and his actions were intended as a "warning" to the world.

Roitman wrote, "While watching Siegfried and Roy, he had a sudden realisation that what was wrong with the world was linked to the illusionists' treatment, dominance and unhealthy intimacy he saw them having with their animals."

Ford told Roitman that he thought the entertainers' contact with their animals was sexual and related to the development of viruses such as AIDS.

Roitman added, "He felt they threatened (the) world, and he began to figure out how he could stop them."

No one was hurt in the 21 September (04) drive-by shooting, but police said shotgun pellets shattered windows and left a hole in an outside wall at the magicians' home.

11/04/2005 02:58