SIDEWAYS star Thomas Haden Church didn't have to dig too deep to play a miserable janitor in his new movie - his fiancee walked out on him just before filming started.
The actor plays a fallen guy who returns to his hometown to care for a sick ex-girlfriend in Don MCKay - and the sadness in his character was for real.
His partner, Mia Church, ended their romance and took off with the couple's daughter Cody as Church was preparing for the part.
He tells WENN, "I had a significant relationship and we were engaged, and that broke up, literally, about a month before we started shooting the movie.
"I was very concerned that there would be an emotional vacancy that would not work for the character; it actually helped me with the loneliness."
The actor is confident he won't be alone for long - thanks to his remarkable body: "I weight train five days a week and I'm a cattle rancher by trade in Texas which requires physical activity. I try to stay in shape.
"I didn't realise I looked that fit but a number of women said something to me at a screening and there was a girl, who was 20 years younger than me - probably 25 - and she gave me her phone number! She was cute too!"