SIDEWAYS star Paul Giamatti struggled to keep a straight face while shooting new action film SHOOT 'EM UP - because scenes which feature his character molesting a dead woman were ridiculous in the extreme. The indie film giant couldn't resist signing up to play the villain in the new Clive Owen film because he knew the filming would be a laugh-a-minute riot. He chuckles, "They gave me the script and my agent was like, 'There's some thing with a lactating whore and you're with a dead body in the back of a car. Do you really want to read this?' "It was just crazy and it just kept getting weirder and weirder: Bullet shells bouncing off a woman's pregnant stomach and Clive's character kills a guy with a carrot right at the beginning. That's just so ridiculous. "We were laughing a lot of the time when we were shooting that stuff. "Then I had to molest this dead woman in the back of a car. I just met the actress who was playing the dead woman and she was cracking up. I was cracking up too. It was so insane. "When I got home, I was like, 'Oh God, what did I just do?' It's so gross that it's kind of funny."