Latino duo MEZKLAH feared their El Paso, Texas gig supporting Wu-Tang Clan star Cappadonna on Friday (19Jun09) would be their last when shots rang out yards from the stage.
The acclaimed group was leaving the stage at Zepplins in the Cincinnati area of the city when gunfire cracks stunned the cheering crowd.
One fan says, "Everyone started screaming and running for cover. It seemed like an old-fashioned shoot-out, erupting just 100 feet from the stage."
Mezklah's Greg Hernadez says, "We heard a blast of gun shots and ran for cover. Initially, no one knew if the shots were inside or outside the club, it was that close."
And, as if that wasn't drama enough, the shots were followed by a related car crash outside, during which a vehicle drove into a telegraph pole.
Police flooded the club and ordered everyone into the street outside.
Hernandez adds, "Once we went outside, we saw the car wrapped around the telephone pole with the body of a bloody man."
The driver was Ruben Troncoso, a reportedly suicidal man, armed with rifles. The police had reportedly been chasing him as he opened fire on them for over three hours.
Hernandez tells WENN, "We've played in El Paso many times and this is the first time we've encountered such an ordeal. Who knew the Wild West would come to El Paso?"
Mezklah are now returning to their native Los Angeles for shows, but they'll return to El Paso on 30 July (09) for a gig at the city's O2 Lounge.